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[...] BACKUS: There's nothing like being out of power that forms unity, and we've been in the wilderness politically for a couple of years now, and we have a great advantage. Nancy Pelosi really has proven that she is a pragmatic consensus-builder. From Iraq to the economy, the American people do not like where the Republican Congress have taken us. If you look at the Democrats who were just elected, especially to the House, many of them are socially conservative; they're pro-life, pro-guns, anti-tax.

She has sent strong messages to both wings of the party saying, "Look, we've got to get stuff done." And if you take just a look at the political map, Democrats won some seats in some places like Kansas or North Carolina where you normally wouldn't think Democrats would win. And there was a great quote in the New York Times this week by Harry Mitchell, who's the congressman who defeated J. Hayworth in Arizona, and he said that he can't be a rabid partisan Democrat and be able to represent that district.

Then Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld became a casualty of the victory. KING: Welcome back to our special election night, now election morning, coverage.

He is going to be stepping down, and President Bush nominated former CIA chief Robert Gates to take over the job and help shape Iraq war policy. A Newsweek poll shows a whopping 66 percent of Americans don't think President Bush will be able to get much done during his final two years in office. Joining us this morning, political analyst Amy Holmes, no relation, and Democratic strategist Jenny Backus. HOLMES: All right, well -- AMY HOLMES: I'd have to say, I think, that's a pretty rosy spin.

She currently teaches photography at the University of North Texas and is a former tenured professor of photography and digital media from Stephen F. Amy is on the Board of the Texas Photographic Society and has served as Chair and Treasurer on the South Central Regional Board of the Society for Photographic Education.

She holds an MFA in photography from Clemson University and a BFA cum laude in photography and graphic design from Miami University.

Michael Fitzpatrick (R) conceded to his Democratic challenger Patrick Murphy.

Later on November 8, Pennsylvania's 8th Congressional District incumbent Rep.

Well, imagine my surprise and delight when she responded to my incessant emails and agreed to go on a date with me.(Note: This picture of Amy isn't from our date, due to a strict no cameras policy.

I'm guessing this photo is circa 2002 and she's being Avril Lavigne for Halloween.)Amy currently lives in Washington, DC on a street with the other right-wing political pundits.

The rumors about Holmes and Foxx started back in 2013 when the pair were spotted dancing at a benefit in the Hamptons.

This was a year after Holmes’ stunned the world — and Cruise — by filing for divorce from him and seeking to be primary caregiver for their daughter, Suri.

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