Aspie affection dating

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Aspie affection dating

When two Aspies meet to form a new relationship, a space is created that allows an open understanding to occur that oftentimes neither participant has experienced before.

For example, one might start fantasizing about the first time the friends fly across country to have a cup of tea, and in so doing visualize the tea house, the waiters, the menu, the conversation, and such.The actions are a result of an inner drive to alleviate the stress inside the psyche.The mind wants to release the obsessive thoughts about the other individual and pushes the participant to react.Typically, there is an initial spark of excitement and energy, with one or both partners, when he or she realizes that there is ‘finally’ someone who not only speaks his/her language, but provides the freedom for him/her to be authentic and real.In some cases there is also a sense of dread in having been exposed for what seems to be the first time, uncloaked in a manner of speaking.

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It resembles codependency, but is not as long-lasting as codependency behavior, and trickles down and dissipates with time. This obsessive state could last weeks or feasibly a year or more.

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