Beauty and the geek nate jennylee dating dating a us navy sailor

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Note: Original partners Chris and Amanda won the first week's quiz challenge and were given the power to switch the partner of one team with another team or they themselves can switch partners.

After the airing of season 5 in 2008, production stopped and the show was cancelled.Cecille was enraged by the twist, ranting to Nate about how unfair it was that the "losers" would get to decide their fate, and when Nate said she should try to make amends with them she expressed disgust with him.Nate, who by that point decided that winning would only reinforce Cecille's behavior, eventually asked contestants to vote against him; this was difficult for most of the cast as they genuinely liked him and wanted him to win but also tied into their collective anger over Cecille's bad behavior.Richard's title evolved throughout the show as he kissed Krystal (at end of episode 3 and aftermath show), Lauren (at end of episode 4) and Mindi (after the camping challenge while relaxing and during the post-final test confessional) over the show's course, hence being at first "Has never kissed a girl", then "Has kissed one/two/three girl(s)".Mindi promised Richard that if they won the competition, she would make out with him.

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