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"Health care benefits are eating up a larger portion of dollars while the amount spent on retirement programs is on the decline.This reallocation has major implications for employers and employees alike.” The survey also suggested that spending so much more on health care and so much less on retirement “might not align with employee preferences and needs,” the company said in a statement.She's a very busy working gal who rarely ventures south of 119th Street though the promise of a pre-supper spin through that Stein Mart sold her on the date. Lampe and Tierney have done a pretty good job of creating a coastal ambience on a limited budget.After an ever-so-brief shopping expedition, we did the suburban thing and got back in the car to drive the two blocks to the restaurant. They've split the dining room with an array of tropical plants and a bubbling fountain; Casablanca-style fans slowly revolve overhead.

The analysis was based on a database of retirement and health care programs for more than 500 large and medium-size U. The view from its big windows is a blacktop parking lot.Inside, the ambience is pretend-tropical, in the same way that listening to a Jimmy Buffett album while sipping a Blue Whale cocktail feels tropical.Henley does invite his listeners to "watch the working girls go by" a visual that's unimaginable at 145th Street and Metcalf unless the working girl is a crisply dressed corporate executive driving her Lexus to the Stein Mart around the corner.I brought a high-powered interior designer, Carol Ann, with me on one of my four visits to the Sunset Grill.

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