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Manual focus lets you see the new f/2.4 aperture on the i Phone X telephoto lens in all its glory.New, hardware-based noise reduction gives sharper photos than ever before.

It presented unique challenges for ergonomics (it’s a very tall screen! For Halide for i Phone X, all of the camera controls now sit within thumb’s reach, letting you easily shoot with just one hand.

The development work is being done in conjunction with the community. Org Foundation is the educational non-profit corporation whose Board serves this effort, and whose Members lead this work. More mailing lists on X Window System and related technologies along with subscription directions are available at XOrg Foundation. There are many Mirrors from which you can download source code to the X Window System.

The best place to get X is from your operating system or distribution vendor. If you would like to be a mirror, feel free to do so and add yourself to the Mirrors page.

This completely unique design allows users to comfortably use the taller i Phone X without having to reach for features, yet ‘embraces’ the ‘ears’ on i Phone X by showing exposure values and a histogram in the corners of the screen.

The viewfinder is also completely clear of any obstructions, letting photographers focus on their subject with perfect clarity.

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Development snapshots are currently on hiatus; most modules now update slowly enough that frequent snapshots aren't needed.