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It's more like setting people up to feel close and then sabotaging things.

She seems a little oblivious to the effect she has on people.

There was something obviously impulsive about going into this stranger's house and kissing him, but it didn't seem like something that dismissed anxiety, per se.

The self-centered, self-sabotaging Brooklynites of the title are starting to seem downright unhinged.

Critics have pinned the term to nearly every character, as noted in our interviews with cast members Jemima Kirke and Colin Quinn.

We see a similar situation over and over again with Hannah.

Whenever someone comes in who's new, even when the people she trusts tells her that they're bad news, she's still sympathetic to them, to her own detriment.

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Hannah does have obvious self-esteem issues and can be — not exactly narcissistic, but selfish.