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Dating sites without sign up

Google translate only works on about 60% of the text (due to text in images), and the text that is translated is often super-imposed on other lines of text (due to formatting issues), or is simply incomprehensible.I spent a lot of time translating the “translations” just to figure out what is going on with each page.

Later, you can further specify your interests, ideal match requirements, lifestyle choices, and values.

Every page on this site is an assault on the senses – it’s overwhelming.

The Chinese characters certainly don’t help with this.

Without further ado, here is the quick list of the top 5 dating sites in China. It was founded in 2003 by Rose Gong, a journalism student at Fudan University in Shanghai.

It is one of the most popular websites in China and on the entire web. While the profiles I came across all seemed legitimate, it’s worth mentioning that Jiayuan’s gotten flak in the past for inadvertently hosting a lot of scam-artists and fake profiles.

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If you decide to move forward for now with an incomplete profile, know that you’ll be prompted sometimes to fill out more of your profile before continuing.

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