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We've reviewed about 1,500 dating sites for you, separated the wheat from the chaff and will present you in the following the best dating sites in the UK so that you can easily compare them.It wasn't an easy decision but we've finally reached a conclusion.'These tweets will remain, but I will delete the previous ones on the subject.' Rowling's original tweets called out the 71-year-old Republican president who appeared to avoid shaking the hand of a wheelchair-bound boy in an edited video on Twitter.When a longer video clip of the encounter was released, it turned out that Trump had not snubbed the young boy and instead had welcomed him first in the room.However, she has still refused to apologize to Trump for her accusations In his column, the British journalist called out Rowling for her hatred of Trump, saying she 'loathes him with a raw, visceral fury'.'Barely an hour goes by without Ms Rowling publicly attacking, mocking, sneering at and generally abusing Trump,' he wrote.

Thanks.' Morgan isn't the only one to call Rowling out over her tweets on Sunday.

→ Zum Gartenblog „Querbeet“ „kth spielt“ – Das Spiele-Blog „kth spielt“ richtet sich an alle, die in ihrer Freizeit gerne Piraten und Abenteurer, Zugfahrer und Denksportler sind.

ECHO-Redakteur Klaus Thomas Heck (Kürzel: kth) stellt neue Familien- und Gesellschaftsspiele vor, erinnert an die Klassiker der Szene und berichtet aus der Welt der Spielefans. Diese Frage stellt ECHO-Chefredakteur Lars Hennemann jeden Freitag in seinem gleichnamigen Blog (und samstags dann auch in Print).

The 52-year-old journalist and host of Good Morning Britain took to Twitter to call Rowling out for failing to apologize for her tweets, which were based on incorrect information.'So @JK_rowling's been back on Twitter but neither deleted, nor apologised (sic) for, this disgraceful lie.

Her Trump-loathing knows no honesty,' Morgan tweeted. ' Morgan also called out Chelsea Clinton on Twitter questioning why she hadn't undone her retweet of 'Rowling's lie'. Why have you not undone your retweet of this lie, @chelseclinton?

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