Elucidating the secretion proteome of human

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Elucidating the secretion proteome of human

These newer noninvasive and experimental techniques are readily applicable to the study of drugs and toxicants that produce pathophysiological alterations similar to known retinal and neurodegenerative diseases, or that exacerbate such existing conditions.The objective of the session is to present state-of-the-art research approaches to clinical and experimental animal model imaging and their utility in toxicological research and to show how the obtained data can be utilized for translational research.Second, it will enhance the understanding of retinal sites and mechanisms of action of injury.Third, it will provide a basis for determining the translatability of experimental data to humans. Cellular and Structural Imaging Techniques in Glaucoma Diagnosis and Treatment. Adaptive Optics Imaging to Study Retinal Degeneration and Response to Treatment.Donald Fox, Robson Forensic, Inc., Philadelphia, PA."Seeing" i PSCs in the Retina during Retinal Repair.

Use of Non-Apical Assay Data in an Integrated Approach to Testing and Assessment of Chemical Mixtures in the Environment: The Advent of Adverse Outcome Pathway Footprinting. Eukaryotic cells contain extracellular organelles named microvesicles (e.g., exosomes, nanovesicles) that are released into the microenvironment.

The session will be of interest to basic scientists, clinicians, and researchers engaged in drug development and testing. Jacque Duncan, University of California San Francisco, San Francisco, CA.

Mitochondria-Mediated Retinotoxicity: Determining Pathophysiological Mechanisms Using Multifaceted Image Analysis and Biochemical Techniques.

The two-year rodent cancer bioassay remains the definitive source of information employed for cancer risk assessment, and using such conventional approaches, the US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) is actively working to address the need for an updated and expanded document that serves as the agency’s approach for assessing cancer risk from exposure to PAH mixtures.

However, the time and resources required to perform two-year rodent bioassays for the range of environmental PAH mixtures are significant and serve as a disincentive to the development of these kinds of data.

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