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As filming neared completion, Caroline Goodall slipped on a water spillage in her home and broke her shoulder.She was able to film her remaining scenes by taking some painkillers and removing her sling.

Here is an excerpt, but of course, head over to the Op-Ed for the full discussion, and feel free to tweet and share on Facebook: … And I’m not particularly controversial, although I do stick out at Cornell as one of only a small number of openly politically conservative faculty members.

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So despite my campus speeches and conservative politics, I never really thought the anti-free speech mob would come for me.

Until they did, at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, N. Because I committed to discussing free speech and the constitutional protection of even hateful speech, I was made the object of hate by student activists who whipped the campus into a frenzy.

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The ‘story’ as it is, involves the trivial ins and outs of the upper class Parisians sex lives.

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  1. In this incoherent, low-brow slapstick Faustian morality tale, he bargained his soul for the loss of his virginity, and received his wish (and more) in his small-town university.