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The affectionate feelings experienced by so many spiritual connections met the needs of those who were lonely, or who had little fondness shown to them by their own spouse.

Because these feelings were given a 'spiritual' label, common sense was thrown out, and church members often used "spiritual connections" as justification for their inappropriate behavior.

It is also an application of the truth of scripture to bring any darkness into the light.

This study addresses the 'spiritual connection' doctrine from the scripture, scrutinizing it in light of God's inspired written word.

They might meet every day, several times a week, (or with more or less degrees of frequency), for close personal contact.

It was taught that this was not inappropriate, as long as they kept their time together "in the spirit." Little regard was given to the fact that prolonged time together with someone of the opposite sex, in most all cases, will result in enamored and romantic feelings.

The pastor used his control and elders to keep in line anyone who spoke against spiritual connections or the pastor, and those whose objections became problematic were excommunicated from the church and labeled as "dissidents." Don Barnett also taught spouses must "release" their mate into God's hands, so that God could use their husband or wife's spiritual connection to be loved and healed.

The pastor Donald Lee Barnett laid a foundation of teaching that required every members of the congregation to submit with abandon to his leadership, teaching, and commands.

Another doctrine and practice that reinforced spiritual connection practices was that known as 'demonic deliverance.' Barnett taught that Christians could be inhabited by demons, and that any abhorrent behavior or speech was a demon "manifestation.

A much lower percentage of 'same sex' spiritual connection relationships ever developed.

The teaching from the pulpit legitimized and encouraged anyone to experience a spiritual connection relationship with another member of the church.

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Married people were encouraged to develop connection relationships with someone other than their spouse, even if they were of the opposite sex.