Morocco girl for chat live

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Morocco girl for chat live

Through outreach, education, and care, you will provide much-needed support to vulnerable children and adults in low-income communities.

Before my first visit to Morocco, I was curious to find out: How is daily life like for Moroccan women?

They passed down century-old herbal mixtures for softening the skin, and gave me my first henna tattoo – decorating my hands in intricate, brown-orange swirls.

I ended the trip with a homestay out in the dunes, with a family that taught me how to make mint tea and tagines.

Child Development CCS volunteers in Morocco greatly contribute to improving the quality of education that every child deserves.

Primary schools and organizations that support vulnerable children are under resourced and understaffed.

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Contribute to programs that encourage girls to fulfill their potential, while delivering public health solutions to improve overall well-being.