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Newyorkjewishdating com

lgbt dating brighton, oman dating club, roger bobb dating demetria mckinney, dating new york, jewish dating cleveland, best gay dating app , date and time. Our international date club is the nice place for meet and comunicate with large females and free guys from Oman! Meet singles in Sohar, Oman page - 1 on the world´s first online speed dating site. She wanted someone who liked her for her, yet the way she went about figuring that out was a highly convoluted one.Yes, she took way too long, for a smart girl, to figure out that Josh wasn't the right one for her (or anyone, dare I say? She got in way over her head with her lie but in the process she learned a little about another religion and about what mattered to her and I enjoyed her spiritual inquiries much more than the stereotypes about women and weddings and JAPs and such.Then I realized that more than anything, the book was effective. She decides, therefore, to find a Jewish man to date.But the more she looks around, the more she discovers that all the eligible Jewish men are dating non-Jewish women. So when she and her non-Jewish best friend Krista are at a kosher wine tasting and in walks gorgeous, rich, and Jewish Josh Hirsch, Aimee doesn't correct him when he assumes she isn't Jewish.This isn't a perfect book, but I appreciated that it tackled more than the usual find-a-man mantra, and as someone who is afraid to drive, I liked the story line about Aimee learning to drive (and will give Josh credit for that).This book kept me interested in finding out how Aimee would resolve her dilemma, and even though it was clear Josh wasn't the guy for her, the idea put forth by Graff, that Jewish men prefer shiksas (and why), was thought-provoking in this context.

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“The entertaining blend of farcical scenarios and quick-fire prose finds an unexpected poignancy…” — Daily News“The zany scenarios propel the novel but belie a powerful moral core about identity and cultural perceptions.” ¯Jewish Living Magazine“Saturating this fluffy romantic comedy of errors is a more subtle commentary about religion and identity that raises the question: How much of yourself do you have to give up in order to be with someone else?

” — San Francisco Chronicle“A witty read with the satisfying crunch of crusty rye and the sting of hot mustard, no matter what you put between the slices.” — Jewish News of Greater Phoenix“If you’ve got a funny bone, Graff will latch on and refuse to let go.” — Library Journa“Readers will enjoy Aimee's chance to rediscover herself and to recognize what she truly values.” — Library Journal“Hilarity ensues.” —“On a scale from 1 to ten this gets 10 Stars..David.” — Beyond Her Book, PW Blog“…some funny moments.” — USA Today“…discerning insight and astute observations that are often quite amusing as well.

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