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February saw the show's first birth of 2010, with Kamil Masood, the fourth child of the established Zainab Masood and Masood Ahmed.

The character of Harvey Freeman was introduced in April, and the fourth main character from East Enders: E20, Mercy Olubunmi, joined East Enders in May.

We'll have to tune in to find out whether anyone sheds a tear for poor Roxy or whether pesky Ronnie will claim all the attention as usual, but the person to keep your eyes on throughout is Glenda. We're used to being on Aaron's side in most storylines these days...So no affair, no infidelity and no betrayal - makes a change for Summer Bay! With Sam's behaviour clearly less than appropriate, should Leah still be worried about losing her husband?The following are characters who first appeared, or returned, in the BBC soap opera East Enders during 2010 listed by order of first appearance.Executive producer Diederick Santer left East Enders on 26 February 2010, handing over to Bryan Kirkwood, who fully took control from 1 March 2010.Santer introduced five new main characters in January, three from the online spin-off East Enders: E20 (Zsa Zsa Carter, Leon Small and Fatboy) as well as two members of the long-established Mitchell family, Glenda Mitchell and her son Danny.

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Kirkwood's first major casting was Zöe Lucker in the role of Vanessa Gold and later cast her daughter Jodie and husband Harry, as well as Mercy's grandmother Grace, all of whom appeared in June.

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