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The cons would have outnumbered the pros yet they decided to get married.

They marry and then for a brief period are blissful within their union but as always the pressure from their community results in their separation and the ultimate divorce; their struggles, their determination, their family confrontations, all for not.

Their struggle of fitting in heightens as they interact with students of different cultures.

Society can be mean to children of mix race, declared the elderly woman.

They encounter the standard vicissitudes of life that other children do.

In their homes, they feel love and acceptance and consequently do not have identity issues.

The bottom line stops at preservation of a way of life.

For many nationals their way of life trumps the individual desire, which means that they disown their children should they decide to marry outside their race.

Therefore, love might not be enough, which suggests that interracial couples should walk away from each other. Jewish, Chinese and Indian culture, just to name a few, discourage marriage outside their community.

Hands of many different shades of color blend as people saunter the streets of New York.

It is a melting pot of the world where people, rarely if ever, experience glares or despairing comments because the hand they are holding belongs to a different race.

Her comment exemplifies what many think, interracial marriages should never happen.

This little old woman sat across the desk and explained why interracial relationships should never take place.

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Why would couples still choice to marry and remain within the society that tells them they should not?

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