Triplex dating dating man married relationship

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Triplex dating

All B, C, and D twin transmissions were basically the same.

However, from 1946 to 1955, minor weak points in the original concept were discovered.

Finding out how it shifts, and finding any obvious defects, like jumping out of gear, or excessive noise emanating from the transmission area, could be helpful later on. Remove the drain plug from the primary chain cavity.

Start your tear down by swinging the rear brake pedal assembly out of the way of the primary. Swing the front stands into position to achieve a four point support for the machine. Now go to the right side and remove the transmission drain plug, found forward of the transmission shift cover in the right hand crankcase side.

The twisting torque has a tendency to loosen the retaining bolts, and loosen the aligning dowel in the bottom circumference of the transmission door.

Next inspect the transmission's main shaft end clearance.

The shifter pawl adjusting plate received over shift stop gears.

The Lightnings, if ordered, had a higher low gear ratio than the standard pedestrian twins, G9/1 had 21 teeth, G11/3 had 27 teeth, that would be the double gear.

Inspect the retaining bolts of the transmission door. The visible hex head cam plate indent plunger and spring assembly must be safety wired as well.A road model sprocket is solid, except some Shadows, not all, were drilled for lightening, and had 21 teeth, giving an overall delivered gear ratio of 3.50 to 1.Lightnings were thinner, to accept the 520 chain drilled for lightening, and had 22 teeth.The Shadow and Lightning shifter cam plate can be identified by a series of quarter inch lightening holes.The transmission counter shaft sprockets can be identified in the following manner.

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When there's no drip from the primary drain plug, you can remove the primary chain cover. It should be soft and flexible to the touch, with no hardness and no visible cracks to the rubber seal portion.

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