Updating customer information

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Updating customer information

Upgrade for a Better Experience Canandaigua National Bank & Trust would like to encourage all of our customers to update their internet browsers as new releases are made available.

Using the most recent browser version ensures the best security, design experience, speed and functionality.

The Marketing team would like to have those updates reflected back in Marketo so they have the most accurate system of record to use in their marketing campaigns.

Sometimes your customers need to change the card info that they have on record with your business, whether that’s just to swap in a preferred card, or because the card issuer sent a replacement.Stripe takes care of updating expiring cards for you, and also attempts to update saved card details when a customer’s physical card is replaced.But the ability to change the card a customer has on file is something you’ll likely want to enable for your users.The diagram below shows the API calls that are made on a set periodic timer.As the periodic timer is triggered the client logic will first retrieve updated contacts from the proprietary system. Marshaller; import *; public class Sync Multiple Leads Example * This article contains code used to implement custom integrations.

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If you are an existing Equifax Business customer you can use the form below to submit a service request for any issues that need to be addressed by the Business Customer Support team.

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