Updating windows xp sp1

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Updating windows xp sp1

If you're a gamer, Windows 10 is a very attractive update.Not just because of the neat Xbox One-to-PC streaming features, but because the Direct X 12 graphics API, will be a Windows 10 exclusive.It's such a cliché, but if it ain't broke, don't fix it.Or in this case, if Windows 7 still works perfectly fine, why update it to Windows 10?But if you use them, you can kiss them goodbye if you update to Windows 10, although the Windows live tiles, inherited from Windows 8/8.1, can provide some of that functionality.There are only two versions of the new OS for consumers: Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro.First introduced in 2001, WMC was the original digital hub for the living room.

The other gaming-related feature Windows 10 has is game streaming from Xbox One.

It takes practice before you develop a flow and it becomes second nature, where you don't stop and think about what you're telling it to do.

Pretty much all laptops have a built-in microphone, so Cortana will be able to hear you if you go the voice-control route, but if you're on a old-school desktop PC, just know that you may need to have an external mic plugged in to use the feature.

On Windows 7, that setting is in the Start menu, a place users expect it to be. (In fairness, Microsoft added a power icon to the Start screen in Windows 8.1.) Now that the Start menu's back on Windows 10, the shutdown setting is right back where it belongs and as easy to access as in Windows 7.

On Windows 8, you have to swipe in from the right (on a touchscreen device) or point your mouse at the top right or bottom corners and bring up the Charms bar. I was never a fan of cluttering my desktop with Microsoft's "Gadget" widgets in Windows 7.

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By visiting the Windows Update website, you will have two options: It is very important to install all the critical updates.

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