Was angela simmons dating bow wow

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Was angela simmons dating bow wow

On the season finale of Growing Up Hip Hop, Rev Run's daughter, Angela Simmons, catches up with her former flame, Bow Wow.

In ET’s exclusive sneak peek of the new episode airing on Thursday, Simmons and Kristinia De Barge (daughter of James De Barge) have a girls night out in New York City, where she unexpectedly runs into Bow Wow.

Miller stopped by recently and gave an update on their relationship.

Interestingly enough, he was with his co-star and once rumored girlfriend, Simmons, who dated Bow Wow for years.

One fan wrote, “Bow Wow will be in his feelings shortly hahhaha” Bow Wow responded, “nope! They looked like they called it quits for good after Bow wow fathered a child, Shai Moss, with a model, Joie Chavis. Everything happened in the most perfect way.” YES!! Simmons’ boyfriend turned fiancé is a mystery to fans after she revealed she was dating just months ago.

He says: “We never ever made it to the girlfriend and boyfriend stage. In short, Bow basically insisted that his response to the question was a joke that got taken out of context…. In addition to downplaying his quick but colorful comedic commentary as nothing more than jokes, Mr.Moss also revealed how Angela reacted once she got word of him running his mouth. Simmons and Bow Wow haven’t spoken in a while, and there's lots to talk about.For starters, Simmons asks Bow Wow if he's thinking about getting married, but when it comes to holy matrimony, he’s not “built for that s**t.”Suspicious of the rumors around her engagement, Bow Wow questions Simmons about her current relationship, which leads to a discussion on their past together.

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Master P's son, Romeo Miller, receives alarming missed calls and cryptic text messages that lead to a potential pregnancy scare.

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